It’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Let me get you caught up. I’ve been busy with the kids.

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I’d love to show you what baked goods I can create!!

Painted Rocks

I think that painted rocks are such an awesome creative outlet! There are so many different ways to play with them, and you can find the rocks yourself (so it’s cheap!) so these painted rocks are also a perfect kids craft. But I love that you can also make some serious works of art! These are some of my favorite painted rock inspiration from around Pinterest

Kids Expo

Today at the local fairgrounds was the Kids Expo! A free event with free parking!! I know what you are thinking, there aren’t things like this anymore. Our kids had a great time. Every booth had crafts or games for the kids. There was law enforcement and fire trucks. Food vendors, bounce houses, and performances by the local dance groups.

It’s hard to find free events, but this was worth the time we were there.

The moon

Moving to the foothills was not simple. Our friends and life is down the hill. I question daily how long until we can move back. Tonight as I was looking for new replacement heads for my oral b toothbrush, I noticed the moon. The moon is brighter here. The stars are closer. The air is clearer.

Tonight I’ll just enjoy.

Kids and their shoes…

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I grew up in a time when the brand of your shoes mattered. I was a girl, so I am sure it may have been different for the boys. As a mom in today’s world I don’t want my kids to be picked on for anything in which I can help them avoid. Example being their clothes and shoes. My 7 yr old still struggles to tie his shoes. Now in a mom in my community I may be embarrassed about that. Other mom’s kids learned how to tie their shoes in Kindergarten, well my kid was too busy building tents with chairs and blankets. Fast forward to now, my 7 year old who is in 2nd grade, he still cannot tie his shoes. I have bought him shoes with laces, and told him that if they come undone to ask someone to help. I go pick him up from school, and who walks out with both shoes untied? My son! I ask him why he didn’t ask someone to help tie his shoes…he replies “I forgot.”

Well, a few weeks ago Jordan needed new shoes and I searched on Amazon because lets face it, I like delivery instead of taking all 3 kids to the store with me. I found these amazing shoes on Amazon, that look like they need to be tied…but, guess what!!! They don’t!  I will buy these shoes continually until my son learns to tie his shoes and then I will fit in with that part of the cookie cutter with the other moms, whose children are skilled like that.

Where to live …

As you grow up and become an adult, you have to think of where you want to raise your kids. There is so much to consider: crime, schools, activities, housing, and community. We have chosen to raise our kids in Folsom, Ca. Right now our life has taken us 20 min up the road to a country town called Placerville. We are here in Placerville to re- group and build our strength back as a family unit. We are in Folsom at least 5 days a week, so Folsom is still in our hearts.

The people of both Folsom and Placerville are so different. This is where the “cookie cutter” effect comes in as far as motherhood. As a mom you are always comparing your children and parenting styles to the next. I have chosen to not have the “cookie cutter.” I chose to breast feed my kids until 18 months of age. I chose to let my kids have iPads. I chose to help my kids with their chores. Ive also chosen to co sleep. I’ve read the parenting books and the things that a parent should and shouldn’t do to raise successful human beings. Well, I have my own version of a cookie cutter and it’s me. Parents in Placerville are more country and earthy, while parents in Folsom are flashy and about the latest tech gadget.

Indoor Laser Tag…

Last Christmas I saw the commercials for Laser X, and of course my oldest son saw it also. We are big Nerf Gun lovers in our home, and the thought of our own laser tag was amazing. We didn’t buy the Laser X at that time, but then the Easter Bunny brought it for our boys! They love it. It is great indoor on rainy days or outside in the evening. Our 3 year old and 7 year old have a blast playing!!